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Web Video is a fantastic digital marketing tool and using it will massively help your business.

Every day people are using the Internet to search for a service or product in your area and these are the people that you need to attract to your business as apposed to your competitors.

If your website is not on the front page of Google then you are missing out on potential customers.

Over 70% of people using the Internet use Google as their preferred search engine and over 80% of these people never make it past the first page so it is critical that your website has a good presence on Google.

This is where Web Vide comes into its own in that it will give your website and business this critical presence on Google.

It is difficult to get a website onto the first page of Google and many companies spend £1000’s trying to achieve this.

Web Video is an innovative and cost effective way of achieving this.

Contact FennellMarketing to find out more about this powerful marketing tool and how it could help your business.

The perfect way to advertise your business.

Internet users want information as fast as possible. Therefore it is critically important to grab their attention in the shortest time possible.

Our Web Videos do exactly that…

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Video Marketing Ideas:

Video content creates an impactful point of difference with you competitors online. Putting a friendly face to your home and allowing prospective clients to gain a real feel for the home.

The #1 Recommended Care Home Marketing Company in the UK
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If a picture paints a thousand words  then a video paints a million… You have 10-20 seconds to catch a potential clients attention and a promotional Video can be a great way to do just this! Contact Fennell Marketing today to see how we can help your home!