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#1 Recommended Care Home  Marketing Company in the UK

The #1 Recommended Care Home Marketing Company in the UK

fennellmarketing is proud to be the most recommended Care Home marketing company in the UK.  We have over twenty years experience in the Care Home Industry. It is this knowledge and know how that separates us from other marketing companies.  We are not a marketing company that has decided to ply our trade in the Care Industry.  Instead we have a history of making sure that Care Homes operate at the highest occupancy levels possible and have integrated this with a complete marketing package.  We have several current and past clients that are more than happy to discuss their experiences of working with fennellmarketing with any future clients so if you are looking to maximise your occupancy then contact us today

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Click to Read Full Story 33% increase in occupancy after two  previous consultants struggle (Now up to 42%!!)
Click to Read Full Story 5 new service users in just 1 week using the  innovative marketing method  created by Fennell Marketing.
Click to Read Full Story “We had nine empty beds  before Fennell marketing came  on board and we were full  with a waiting list after  three weeks”